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How did you get into game development?

It all started when my parents gave me my first game system, a Nintendo Game & Watch, when I had the measles. I remember that it was a great distraction as I didn’t feel bothered anymore by the children’s disease; I was only interested in beating my own score.

Nintendo Game and Watch

Not too long after that, my dad bought his first PC for his work and he bought me Commodore 64, which was way cooler then his monochrome black and white displaying PC. It loaded games using tapes, the same ones that held music back then, and it took up to an hour to load a single game. Sometimes there was a read error, forcing you to reload from the start. It was worth it though, as it kept me occupied for hours on end.

Commodore 64

I remember my friends owning a NES and others owning an Amiga, both of which we played frequently. I was jealous but I knew something more awesome was on the horizon and I saved all my allowance money which my dad doubled to get it. A Sega Megadrive (Genesis in US) with Sonic the Hedgehog, there was nothing coming close to how cool that game was. It was so cool that all my friends came over just to watch me play it. I took it to school and we played it there. Sonic was the coolest!

Sonic the Hedgehog

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Presentation | The game development process

Presentation on the game development process as presented on the HAN on 21-04-2010, enjoy.

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What disciplines are involved in game development?

Disciplines are not strictly defined within the games industry and vary from studio to studio, both in names and actual functions. Small studio’s might only have a handful of people, each contributing on multiple fronts while a large studio might have people who are extremely specialized in what they do.

Next to the list of people I’m about to describe there is still another very large group of people that are connected to the production outside the studio, think of people working at a publisher or distributor. But also marketing agencies, specialized press and enthusiasts will all have influence in one way or another on the production.

Inside any development studio we’ll encounter 2 groups; those who directly create or influence the production and those who provide support to the production team, making sure that the production team runs smoothly. The following diagram displays a typical development studio, however keep in mind that no studio is the same and that team sizes and disciplines vary quite a lot from place to place.

Development Studio Disciplines


The specialists are the ones that do the actual implementation work. They create the in-game art, they are the ones creating the levels and they are the one programming everything to life.

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