Posted by: Tj'ièn | January 11, 2010

Files section added

Today I added a file section to the blog. Whenever there is something interesting to share I’ll place it there with its own description. I added the first 3 files:

Presentation – Game Design Documents

This presentation is about game design documents and why they commonly do not work (efficiently). Also there are some hints in there to a system that might work a little better

How To – Concept Doc

This document explains how to create a concept document, what essential information you need to describe and why. You might use this if you have a game idea and you want to take it to the next step. It is bes used in tandem with the “template – concept doc” that provides a quick template that you can just fill in yourself.

Template – Concept Doc

A template for a concept document. Best used together with the “How to – Concept Doc” document mentioned above. happy concepting!



  1. Awesome 🙂 Keep em coming.

  2. Nice, thnx =)

  3. Am I blind or just stupid that I can’t find link to the file section? :S

    • You should be able to see a “” file selector on the left side of this website. I think it uses flash, so you might need to install that to be able to see it.

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